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Records Manager

Location: Washington DC Headquarters

Duration: Full-time position; posting closes when position is filled.

Vaccination Requirement:  The UFCW requires all employees to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19 as a condition of employment, consistent with applicable law.

Position Description

Coordinates and maintains UFCW’s records including organization, storage, preservation and thorough review, interpretation and adherence of the UFCW’s Official Retention Schedule, which promotes compliance with record retention laws and regulations, facilitates the litigation discovery process when needed, protects proprietary and other organization information and increases organizational effectiveness through better record-keeping and best retrieval practices.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Oversees UFCW’s records and maintains the records storage database by accurately identifying records, their retention period, their disposition and/or their location.
  • Identifies changes in regulations and consults with Director to recommend changes regarding the legal, regulatory or operational requirements to the UFCW Records Retention Schedule, as warranted.
  • Reviews records retention schedules and governmental recordkeeping requirements to determine timetables for transferring active records to inactive or archival storage, for converting paper records to electronic format or for destroying obsolete or unnecessary records.
  • Provide all departments and Region Offices with current copies of the Authorized Records Retention Schedule.
  • Audits record-keeping quality and practices, monitors compliance and provides recommendations for new and modified records management resources, including the acquisition of new storage equipment, software applications and other records management systems.
  • Monitors microfilm machines’ maintenance and repairs when required.
  • Assists and directs employees in the preparation of records for offsite storage, including reviewing records, providing an accurate and relevant description, updating records data system and facilitating actual transfer to storage, as needed. 
  • Manages the conversion of paper records to an electronic format, including the scanning of records (which must be kept permanently) into SharePoint, the managing/administering of the SharePoint library of electronic records and the training of staff to scan paper records using ScanPro software.
  • Retrieves records from off-site storage upon requested by authorized personnel and also assists with analyzing that material upon request.
  • Maintains confidentiality of UFCW records and financial information.
  • Administers and coordinates the destruction-review process and confirms that records are destroyed according to the UFCW Records Retentions Schedule.
  • Provides testimony, documents and other information in court as a custodian of records, when required.
  • Acts as liaison with the Legal and IT Departments to updated and unify records retention policies for UFCW.
  • Performs preliminary evaluation of historic records and artifacts to be sent to UFCW’s official archives at the Wisconsin Historical Society and liaise with WHS for requests from staff and others.
  • Manages shred-bin service for Headquarters and Region Offices, acting as the primary point-of-contact for the vendor, reviewing and approving invoices and scheduling additional or special services as needed.
  • Acts as back in performing ergonomic evaluations and setting up ergonomic accommodations for UFCW employees.
  • Assists with set up and implementation of events assigned to and/or organized by OSS.

Duties, responsibilities and activities may change, or new ones may be assigned at any time, in the UFCW’s discretion.  UFCW employees function as a team and, occasionally, and on a temporary basis, employees may be required to perform tasks usually performed by others. This might occur if a team member is absent or unavailable to complete a project and the team is responsible for the deadline. Because employees are required to work as a team, you are required to step up and fill in for a team member who is absent or needs assistance from time to time.


  • BA degree and 3 years of related experience or 5 years of related progressive experience.  Must have knowledge and understanding of records management terminology and operations necessary to communicate information and to explain potential consequences, exposure and answer questions. 
  • Experience with comprehending legal rulings and interpretations and maintaining a compliant legal library of records is desirable.
  • Certified Records Manager (CRM) and involvement in records management professional organizations such as ARMA or AIIM or the ability to actively work towards the certification is required.
  • Advanced skill level using Word, Excel, Access, Lotus Notes and records management software.
  • Ability to comprehend rules, policies, and procedures, and the ability to communicate them to others. 
  • Strong customer service skills are required.  Strong oral and written communication skills are required.
  • Working knowledge of records and information management principles and best practices to manage information throughout its lifecycle:  Capture, distribution, storage, retrieval and disposition.
  • Knowledge of industry standards and trends related to technology that facilitates information management.
  • Strong knowledge of audit records retention requirements.
  • Ability to establish cross-functional, collaborative relationships with legal, finance, and HR areas of the organization.
  • Previous experience with implementation and process improvement is preferred.
  • Ability to prioritize work and meet deadlines.

Physical Demands:

The position involves, but is not limited to, written and oral communications skills, use of computer keyboard, close vision, sitting for long periods, stooping, bending and reaching.  Ability to transport or lift up to 50 pounds.


The UFCW provides a very generous benefits package, including:

  • Comprehensive health insurance coverage.
  • Life insurance provided with ability to purchase supplemental life insurance at favorable rates.
  • Retirement Savings Account.
  • 401(k) plan with employer matching.
  • Pension plan.
  • Dependent care reimbursement account program.
  • Health care reimbursement account program.
  • Transportation program benefits.
  • Three weeks of paid vacation, 12 days of paid short-term sick leave, Extended Sick Leave program, paid parental leave.
  • Prepaid Legal Plan (for DC/MD/VA only).

To apply submit cover letter, resume to: http://jobs.localjobnetwork.com/j/73593700

We believe our success rests on recruiting and retaining a diverse staff. UFCW is an equal opportunity employer. Woman and people of color are encouraged to apply. Reasonable accommodations will be provided pursuant to the state and federal laws.

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