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Health Care Union

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Lakeland Hills Center Worker

UFCW Local 1625

Caret 1.9 million

Health care jobs are projected to grow by 14 percent between 2018 to 2028, much faster than the average for all occupations, adding about 1.9 million new jobs.

Caret 55,000

The number of hard-working women and men that the UFCW represents under contract in the health care industry.


Union workers’ wages are 22 percent higher than their nonunion counterparts.

As the union for health care workers, we represent the jobs of the future.

The UFCW represents over 55,000 health care professionals who are employed in hospitals and assisted living facilities across the country, including registered nurses, certified nursing assistants, transport and food service workers, dietary assistants, professional and technical staff, maintenance workers and housekeepers.

Our union has a proud history of negotiating strong contracts for our members in the health care industry that include including quality raises and cost of living increases, as well as a fair paid time off and sick leave system; safe staffing levels; and respect and transparency from management.

These contracts enable these hard-working women and men to provide the best patient care while being fairly compensated with the wages and benefits they need to take care of their own families.

Issues facing health care workers

How to get better wages and benefits

How to get better wages and benefits

Union workers earn 13% more than nonunion workers, here’s how we do it.

Improving public health

Improving public health

Prioritizing health care and public health keeps our workers and communities healthy and safe. Nobody can afford to be without them.

Fair scheduling and leave

Fair scheduling and leave

Time off for you, school, family or your community - fair scheduling makes it happen.

Major UFCW-represented health care employers

Organize and unionize your workplace

Are you and your coworkers ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits and better lives? If you are, the steps to joining the UFCW are simple.

How to Start a Union
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