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Union 101

Learn How to Start a Union at Your Workplace

When we work together, we have power — that’s the idea behind our country’s democracy, and when you work at a unionized workplace, everybody has a voice on the job that we can use to get what we need. 

Every person gets a say in how things go at a union shop: that includes your pay, hours, safety practices, and other working conditions.

In our Union 101 series, we review everything from how to start a union to the nitty gritty of how union contracts work. There’s a lot that goes into what we do, but our mission is simple: help people make their work better.

Are You Ready to Start a Union?

You can get connected with an organizer and other unionized workers by clicking the button below!

If you came here because you want to improve your workplace with a union, you’re not alone: According to a 2023 Gallup poll, 68% of Americans approve of unions. 

But despite that, barely one in ten American workers are currently union members. We think everyone deserves a union at work, and we are here to help change that statistic — starting with you and your coworkers. 

That’s why we wanted to make an all-in-one resource that anybody can use to learn how to build their union and then to successfully win their first union contract.

Frequently Asked Questions

Looking for answers to your questions about how labor unions work? Curious about how we negotiate our union contracts with employers? 

Our goal is to give you all the resources you need – starting at the first stages of the organizing process to bargaining your first union contract. 

Not sure if you’re already in a union or not? No problem! We break down all of these topics and more in our Union FAQ section — so no matter the subject, you’ll be an expert once you’re done.

Organize and unionize your workplace

Are you and your coworkers ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits and better lives? If you are, the steps to joining the UFCW are simple.

How to Start a Union
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