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Booksellers Union

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Half Price Books Worker

UFCW Local 663

Caret $5,400

How much more the average union worker in retail makes per year over their nonunion counterparts.

29 million

The number of people directly employed by the retail industry.

UFCW is the union for booksellers.

UFCW, the union for food and retail workers, believes all bookstore workers deserve living wages, affordable healthcare, stable schedules, safe workplaces, and so much more  — all guaranteed in writing by a union contract. That’s why we work with and represent booksellers at stores of all shapes and sizes – from nationwide chains like Barnes & Noble and Half Price Books to local shops like Politics & Prose in Washington, DC, Book Culture & Greenlight in NYC, and Savoy Bookshop & Cafe in Westerly, R.I.. 

Not every bookstore has union representation, but workers across the country are organizing to change that. In fact, over the last year, workers at eight Half Price Books stores have voted YES to start their union.

When we all come together and use our collective voice, we have power! You and your coworkers are the reason your bookstores remain successful and you know their shelves better than anyone. You deserve wages and benefits that reflect that. Your hard work deserves respect.

This is why booksellers are unionizing — to have a say in the policies that affect their day-to-day work lives. And you can join them! Talk to one of your fellow (recently unionized!) booksellers and learn more about how you can start a union at your store by filling out the form below.

A Union for Every Bookseller

Take the first step in unionizing your bookstore

  • Fill out the form, get in touch with a union organizer.

  • Where do you work?

  • What brings you here today?

    Can you tell us more about your experience at work and what you want to improve there?
  • *By providing my cell phone number, I consent to receive blast text messages and robocalls on any topic from my local UFCW, International Union, and their affiliates. I reserve the right to opt-out at any time. We promise that we will not abuse your consent to text or call you.

Major booksellers unionized through UFCW

Organize and unionize your workplace

Are you and your coworkers ready to negotiate together for bigger paychecks, stronger benefits and better lives? If you are, the steps to joining the UFCW are simple.

How to Start a Union
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