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Salem Bull Moose Workers Have Unionized!

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On September 14, Bull Moose workers in Salem, NH voted unanimously to form a union to make their jobs better.

Bull Moose workers vote to unionize.

“We formed our union in the aftermath of the mass firing of Salem staff in May [to] ensure something like that could never happen again. Unionizing helps to ensure we have a stronger voice as we work to make this a better and safer place to work.

We want to make sure that any future or current employee of Bull Moose feels valued and safe, and that they are being treated with dignity and respect from every member of management. This union is a representation of our bond and our willingness to advocate for each other and our rights.”

– Kameron Brooksmoore, Bull Moose worker in Salem

UFCW believes that ALL Bull Moose workers deserve the best wages, benefits, schedules, and safety standards available. In these unprecedented times, one of the greatest things workers can do to bring about real change is to unionize.

“We’re forming a union because we want everyone to feel secure in their jobs here at Bull Moose and becoming a union can give us peace of mind with that.”

– Hailey, Bull Moose worker in Salem

“We hope to extend the security of our union to all Bull Moose locations. Every worker deserves to feel safe and valued within their workplace, and to us, the best means of achieving that is through worker solidarity.”

– Whitney, Bull Moose worker in Salem

Workers at Bull Moose Salem are now negotiating their first union contract. They are standing together for a contract that will allow them to make their jobs more secure and improve their ability to serve customers. 

Do you work at a Bull Moose store in New Hampshire or Maine? Want to learn more about how you and your coworkers can start a union? Want to join Bull Moose Salem workers at the negotiating table? 

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