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UFCW Local 324

145.4 billion

The global legal marijuana market is projected to hit $145.4 billion by 2025.


organizing wins since 2020, including hundreds of Collective Bargaining Agreements across 20 of the 38 legal states.


dispensaries and 36 grow facilities organized under UFCW.

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UFCW is the Cannabis Workers’ Union.

For more than a decade, our union has been proud to help lead the development and stabilization of the emerging cannabis industry through our innovative Cannabis Workers Rising campaign. 

We represent tens of thousands of cannabis workers across the US in dispensaries, labs, delivery, kitchens, manufacturing, processing, grow facilities and more — helping workers secure better wages, protection from unfair discipline, and great benefits with a union contract.

When you have a union at your dispensary, grow facility, kitchen, or lab, you’re empowered to do your best work. You can come to work knowing that your job is secure, and you get to negotiate the protections and benefits you need to thrive on the job. 

Forming a union helps ensure that you and your coworkers get respect for all the value you bring to your job, and we’re here to help you get started!

The UFCW partners with cannabis workers, patients, consumers, community allies, elected officials, and business owners to achieve the shared goals of creating an industry with family-sustaining jobs and a focus on social equity. Through these partnerships and worker organizing, we have been able to set high standards throughout the industry in our union contracts. 

We have been a key leader in coalitions and advocacy groups that work for real change at all levels of policy and have been instrumental in working to advocate for the good jobs provided by the medical and adult-use cannabis industry. By crafting and supporting targeted legislative efforts, along with negotiating the best contracts for workers, we’ve been able to set high standards throughout the industry.

Wherever cannabis is legalized, the UFCW is committed to building a successful industry with a thriving, diverse and skilled workforce.

What We’re Fighting For

Living Wages

We deserve fair pay for the value we bring to our dispensaries, grow and processing facilities, kitchens, and labs.

Job Security

Us growers, budtenders, and cannabis workers are fighting for contracts that protect us from being disciplined and fired unfairly. 

Better Healthcare

As cannabis workers, we deserve comprehensive and gender-inclusive healthcare policies that help us protect our wellbeing at all times. 

Safer Working Conditions

We’re fighting for safe working conditions across the cannabis industry, including better in-store security for budtenders at dispensaries and sufficient PPE for growers and production staff. 

Flexible and Consistent Scheduling

We’re unionizing to establish fair and predictable scheduling practices that help us live balanced lives. 

Respect and a Voice on the Job

Working as a budtender or grower requires expertise, and we deserve respect for the knowledge we bring to our facilities. Starting a union helps us secure this respect, along with a say in how our dispensaries, grow facilities, kitchens, and processing plants are run.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does it mean to unionize with UFCW?

UFCW represents thousands of Cannabis workers across the country – helping them secure the benefits and protections they deserve through a union contract. When you have a union at your grow facility, dispensary, or lab, you get the ability to come together with your coworkers and negotiate the wages, benefits, and policies you need to do your best work. 

What kinds of benefits and protections do Cannabis workers across the country get?

Thousands of our union budtenders and growers have already won strong contracts at their facilities! Through these contracts, they’ve secured job protections, wage increases, guaranteed holiday pay, retirement benefits, safer working conditions, and much more.

But I like my manager; why would I want to unionize?

Thousands of our union budtenders and growers have already won strong contracts at their facilities! Through these contracts, they’ve secured job protections, wage increases, guaranteed holiday pay, retirement benefits, safer working conditions, and much more.

What if I like the way my Cannabis job operates now, and don’t want to change anything? 

Even if you love the way your kitchen, dispo, or processing facility operates, you can still benefit from having a union! Starting a union helps you and your coworkers make things even better – empowering you to change more than you could ever do alone. Winning a union contract also helps you secure the things you already love about your job.

Will I get in trouble if I talk to you or my coworkers about a union?

You have a legal right, under the National Labor Relations Act, to talk about your working conditions with your coworkers. However, it is important to be strategic about these conversations. You can learn more about how to discuss starting a union safely by filling out our intake form and connecting with a cannabis union organizer. 

How much do union dues cost?

Union dues are usually a very small portion of your weekly pay. However, you don’t start paying union dues until you vote to ratify your first contract! This means you only start paying once you feel your union contract is worth the membership cost. 

Ask yourself this – would you ever vote yes on a contract that didn’t leave you better off?

How do I get started organizing my dispensary, grow facility, or lab?

The best way to start a union at your cannabis job is to fill out our form! This will get you connected with a UFCW organizer, so you can ask your questions and talk about next steps. 

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