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Cannabis Workers in New Jersey Continue to Join Local 152

February 22, 2024

Workers at the Design 710 cannabis dispensary in Atlantic City, N.J., recently joined UFCW Local 152. The five workers, who are employed as budtenders, joined our union family because they wanted the better wages and benefits that come with a union contract.

These workers unionized by majority card check, certified by a third-party arbitrator in early January. UFCW Local 152 plans to meet with these workers to draft contract proposals and schedule bargaining dates with the company to begin the process of obtaining a first union contract.

Over the last year, cannabis workers in New Jersey have been joining UFCW Local 152 for a better life. In addition to the workers at Design 710, UFCW Local 152 also represents cannabis workers at the Botanist in Egg Harbor Township and Atlantic City, which became the local’s first unionized cannabis facility with the inception of their first contract; MPX/iAnthus grow facility in Pleasantville; MPX/iAnthus dispensary in Atlantic City; and Columbia Care Cannabist facility in Vineland.

“We are excited about representing workers from this growing industry for the purpose of collective bargaining,” said UFCW Local 152 President Brian String. “Together, we can make jobs in the cannabis industry a career choice for many individuals. We will strive to give our newest members the best representation in the entire labor movement.”

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