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UFCW Cannabis Members First in Industry to Receive OSHA Safety Training

August 17, 2015 Updated: September 8, 2020

cannabis photo
L-R Miguel Gonzales from Agile Otter Enterprises in Tacoma, Wash., Tim Moisio from Cannabis Club Collective in Tacoma, Wash., and then Dan Apodaca from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

UFCW members are well aware of the high priority their union places on their health and safety at work. Over the years, thousands of UFCW members have attended safety trainings to learn how to make their workplaces safer. Recently, though, these classes had a new addition: members of UFCW’s Cannabis Workers Rising program from unionized shops in Washington and New Mexico recently participated in a three day safety program in Las Vegas.

The three workers, from Agile Otter Enterprises, Natural RX and Cannabis Club Collective, all received the OSHA ten hour card and learned advanced workplace safety and health concepts from UFCW trainers.

“We’re going to build a safe, professional industry,” said Tim Moisio, a UFCW Local 367 member from Tacoma, Washington. “A worker voice and worker knowledge is critical to ensuring the cannabis industry is both sustainable and reliable. My union puts safety first and now I have the tools to ensure my workplace does too.”

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