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Women’s History Month: UFCW Pays Tribute to Working Women

March 9, 2022

Illustration by Peggy Lipshutz for the Amalgamated Meat Cutters and Butcher Workmen of North America (1972)

February marks Women’s History Month to celebrate the social, cultural and political contributions women have made to our society across all industries and walks of life. UFCW celebrates not only women who have and continue to fight for social and economic justice in the workplace, but also the hardworking women in our nation’s meatpacking, food processing, and poultry plants, as well as supermarkets, retail stores, and healthcare facilities..

Women – particularly women of color – make up the majority of America’s essential workers and have made sure our communities have access to food, supplies, and care throughout the pandemic. Women make up more than 50 percent of UFCW’s membership and are a powerful force in our fight for closing the wage gap in workplaces across the nation. 

According to the latest data by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, union membership remains higher for men (10.6 percent) than women (9.9 percent), but the gap continues to close as working women learn more about the  benefits of union representation.  In fact, women who were members of a union in 2021 had median weekly earnings of $1,104 versus non-union members who earned $884 per week.

UFCW thanks all the hard-working women on the front lines now and in previous years. Their courage and foresight shaped and continues to shape the labor movement. 

Are you interested in empowering and developing more women into leadership roles at UFCW?

To further our diversity and inclusion goals, the UFCW Women’s Network works to motivate and encourage women to become active in their local union so they can contribute toward building and strengthening the UFCW.

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