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From Albertsons & Smiths to Allegiant Stadium

February 16, 2024

Interview with Tom Strysniewicz, Super Bowl LVIII Ticket Raffle Winner

Every year, the NFL Players Association gives UFCW two Super Bowl tickets that we raffle off to our members as a token of our appreciation. In early February, Thomas (Tom) Strysniewicz, UFCW Local 711 worker, was informed that he was the winner. So this past Sunday, while the rest of us were watching the Kansas City Chiefs face off against the San Francisco 49ers from the comfort of a couch, Tom was watching the big game play out live from Allegiant Stadium at Super Bowl LVIII! 

After the Chiefs defeated the 49ers in an overtime thriller and the confetti settled, we were able to catch up with Tom and are excited to share our interview about his experience, along with some photos with you all below.

UFCW: Tell us about yourself. Where do you work, and how long have you been a union member?

Tom: I started in the grocery industry back in 2015 here in Las Vegas, NV at Albertsons, where I was trained as a produce clerk. After a few years at Albertsons, I transferred over to Smiths store #346, where I currently reside. I am still in produce and tend the wet rack daily. 

UFCW: How did you feel when you found out you were selected to attend the Super Bowl?

Tom: When I received a phone call two weeks ago from my local union office saying I was the winner, I was stunned. Deanne, from my Local informed me my name was chosen out of a hat to be the one to win two tickets to Super Bowl LVIII. 

Shocked and in disbelief were probably the two feelings that ran through my mind during that call – immediately followed by insane screaming and jumping for joy! 

UFCW: Who did you bring with you?

Tom: I ended up bringing my older brother John with me. He has been a member of our local union for the past 25 years and works in my store in the bakery. He was ecstatic when he found out I had won, and he was coming along with me to experience the game!

UFCW: How was your experience at the Super Bowl? Any surprises or highlights during the game?

Tom: Gameday was everything we could have hoped for and then some! We arrived supporting the San Francisco 49ers and started indulging in all the game day festivities. Lots of drinking, eating, and socializing with other game attendees followed. This was both my brothers and I’s first NFL game, so for it to be the Super Bowl on top of that made it that much more special! We were seated in the 49ers end zone along with a sea of San Francisco fans; we were right at home! The game was insane to say the least! We got to see many celebrities and athletes roaming around the stadium. The game even had a fan streak through the field during gameplay, which we all found hilarious! 

The game was a nail-biter down to the last second in overtime. Even though the team we were rooting for lost, it was still a spectacular game that my brother and I won’t ever forget! We are both beyond grateful to have gotten the opportunity to experience such a spectacle! 

UFCW: What was your favorite part of the halftime show?

Tom: The halftime performance with Usher was fantastic! Everything you would expect from a performance put on by a superstar and had all the glitz of a Las Vegas show in a 13-minute performance. He had us all on our feet, bobbing our heads to the music, and enjoying the atmosphere. 

UFCW: Besides winning the Super Bowl tickets, what do you consider to be the most rewarding aspects of being a member of our union?

Tom: This wouldn’t have been possible had it not been for UFCW and the way it supports its members. That is what I would consider the most rewarding aspect of being in the union – having the support and backing of the UFCW and knowing that they are fighting daily on my behalf so that I can have a better chance at a great working environment and a better future for my family and I.

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