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UFCW Honors Labor Day

September 6, 2021 Updated: September 3, 2021

Labor Day isn’t just about celebrating the end of summer and cooking out. It’s a day to celebrate all hard-working men and women in America, especially those who have been on the front lines during the ongoing pandemic affecting our communities.

Today is about celebrating the sacrifices working people have made to the prosperity of this country. Even in our darkest hours, UFCW members have worked tirelessly in grocery and retail stores, pharmacies, health care and manufacturing facilities, and in food processing and meat packing facilities to keep the food and medicine shelves stocked for working families.

Tragically, being on the front lines of the pandemic has come at a terrible cost.

We have lost 484 UFCW members and the pain of these losses – as well as the loss of so many other friends and family members – is immeasurable. While no words can adequately express these losses, we must do all we can to keep their memories alive to inspire all of us toward a better and safer tomorrow.

UFCW will continue to prioritize safer working conditions, and the wages and benefits you rightfully deserve. Most importantly, we will stand together to build a better and safer life for every hard-working UFCW member.

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