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Constituency Groups

UFCW is fully committed to diversity and inclusion at our headquarters, regional and local offices.

We welcome people of all backgrounds to apply to work for us. UFCW is an equal opportunity employer. To further our diversity and inclusion goals, UFCW’s constituency groups helps leadership with our mission to support workers regardless of race, ethnicity, gender and sexual orientation. The constituency groups also provide a safe space for staff and membership to network and build their leadership skills.

Learn more about UFCW’s constituency groups and how to join them below:


UFCW OUTreach is a constituency group dedicated to building mutual support between our union’s International, regions, and locals and the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community and their allies in order to come together to organize for social and economic justice for all, regardless of age, race, gender, creed, color, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Together, we will ensure full equality for LGBT workers on their jobs and in their unions.

Together, we will build a labor environment that cherishes diversity, encourages openness, and ensures safety and dignity, as we move forward in the spirit of “an injury to one is an injury to all,” opposing all forms of discrimination—not just against members of the LGBT community.

Together, we will educate all UFCW leaders, staff, and members about the LGBT community, and build support and solidarity for the UFCW in that community and all communities that share our union’s common goals and interests.

Together we will fight to achieve equality for all members of the LGBT community in employment, marriage, immigration, and wherever else inequities exist.

Together, we will work closely with Pride at Work and other organizations to achieve mutual goals and make our shared vision for equality for LGBT workers a reality.

Equality, education, understanding, and solidarity are our mission.

United Latinos

The United Latinos of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) is an organization of men and women who have joined together to promote the issues and pursue interests important to Latino workers.

“Working Toward Latino Empowerment and Building Latino Pride!” We have a simple but powerful purpose of empowering Latino men and women within the UFCW and within our communities. We are also building Latino pride which will help others better understand our cultural differences. Our diversity will help make our organization and our society stronger. The United Latinos will help teach others that through UFCW membership, there is a better way of life that includes wages, health benefits, pensions, job security and dignity.

Women’s Network

The UFCW Women’s Network, founded in 1988, works to motivate and encourage women to become active in their local union so they can contribute toward building and strengthening the UFCW.

More than half of the UFCW’s 1.4 million members are women — and we are a powerful resource for our union.

The active participation of women members in the UFCW enhances our strength at the bargaining table, in organizing campaigns, and in the political arena.

To learn more, visit the UFCW Women’s Network Website and follow them on Facebook.

Minority Coalition

The coalition exists because diversity exists.

The mission of the UFCW Minority Coalition is to develop a unified voice and promote diversity and inclusion within the labor movement.

The Coalition strives to be a viable asset to the growth of the United Food and Commercial Workers, labor, and communities in need.

To sign up to become a member: 2019 UFCW Minority Coalition Membership App

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