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A special thank you from Senator Sherrod Brown to UFCW members

April 8, 2020 Updated: September 8, 2020

Senator Sherrod Brown

Senator Sherrod Brown had a personal message for UFCW members hard at work on the front lines of the coronavirus crisis. We appreciate his recognition of their valiant efforts and encourage others in the position to do so to voice their support for the essential workers keeping our communities running.

Thank you to the UFCW members who, right now, are on the job serving the American public. We know that we all have anxieties from this illness and from worries about the future. On top of that are people like UFCW workers who are potentially exposed to this virus who are out doing work while many of us are at home. I am urging this administration to add a pandemic pay so that those workers who are exposing themselves potentially to this virus in food service who are working at grocery stores, who are UFCW members, that they are taken care of. If we care about the dignity of work in this country, we fight for the people who make it work. That means UFCW members who are working to provide us food in our grocery stores around the country.

We agree — any relief package should include “pandemic pay” for ALL food workers who are being exposed to this virus while keeping our communities and our families fed.

For more information, visit www.ufcw.org/coronavirus

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