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Michigan Cannabis Workers Make History by Joining Local 876

April 8, 2022

On March 8, about 10 workers from the Authentic 231 cannabis dispensary in Manistee, Mich., made history by becoming the first cannabis dispensary in the state to unionize by joining UFCW Local 876. These workers, who are employed as budtenders and sales associates at Authentic 231, joined our union family because they wanted a voice in the workplace.

Authentic 231 is owned by Left Coast Holdings, which has multiple cannabis cultivation, processing, and retail dispensaries throughout the state. Left Coast Holdings has signed a Labor Peace Agreement to extend the upcoming bargaining agreement for all locations.

“UFCW 876 looks forward to building a strong relationship with both owners and workers of Authentic 231 in providing job guarantees and protections to this rapidly growing industry,” UFCW Local 876 President Dan Pedersen said. “It is UFCW 876’s goal this effort serves as a model for sustaining unionizing efforts by building stronger communities with stronger jobs.”

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