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California Food Delivery Workers Stand Together for a Strong First Contract

September 29, 2022

More than 80 members of UFCW Local 5 who work at Imperfect Foods in San Francisco recently ratified a first contract that strengthens wages and benefits.

The one-year contract includes wage increases averaging 5 percent, an additional paid holiday, guaranteed hours, employer-sponsored health care and an end to mandatory overtime. The contract also includes the establishment of a health and safety committee and for the first time, establishes a just-cause discipline standard backed by a grievance and arbitration process.

The workers joined our union family in April of 2021, responding to increased workloads, unsafe working conditions, rising employee health plan costs, and a lack of job security. In spite of the usual delay tactics employed by the company, a strong worker organizing and bargaining committee kept their co-workers informed and together to achieve the final outcome.

“While I am one of the newer workers at the San Francisco location, I believe that the new contract is a really good deal in that it finally recognizes the contributions made by my longer-term co-workers,” said Fay Woods.

Woods sees the establishment of health and safety standards as one of the most important results of the settlement.

“As the only woman on the jobsite, I plan to participate on the new safety committee, as well as being involved in every available opportunity for union involvement,” she said.

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