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We want to hear about your experience working at Whole Foods

Tell Us About Your Whole Foods Experience

We'd love to hear about your experience working for Whole Foods. Contact us today!

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America’s union for grocery and food workers wants to hear your perspective

Employees at nonunion companies like Whole Foods and Amazon shouldn’t be left in the dark with no one to speak for them during this crisis

The UFCW has been working with union employers like Shoprite and Albertsons to put safety measures into place in stores, as well as lobbying politicians for critical policy changes, like moving to classify the hardworking men and women of our nation’s grocery stores as first responders.

We’ve heard from some employees at Whole Foods that they have concerns about how the company has handled workplace safety and pay during COVID-19. What has it been like at your store? How does it compare to your prior experience working there? What would you most hope to see changed? Let us know below!

“I’ve worked at Whole Foods for 6 years and I feel like they should care more about the wellbeing of their workers than the money they make. Although I love the work I do for the company I feel like they could do better for us.”

– Whole Foods Worker

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Tell Us About Your Whole Foods Experience

Union vs NonUnion Stores

Unions vs Nonunion Stores

Stores with union representation have someone to advocate on the behalf of workers and ensure safety measures are really meant to protect workers, not just have the appearance of action.

A photo from @wholeworkerwfm on Instagram shows the difference between sneeze guards initially put in place in several UFCW-represented stores vs. at Whole Foods, which is nonunion.

This photo shows how even well-intentioned efforts from corporate offices can go wrong if they don’t take real-life worker concerns into account. At union-represented workplaces, grocery workers’ issues have a place at the table from the get go.

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