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Lori Werner

UFCW International Vice President Lori Werner has been with the UFCW for 39 years and a union member for over 34 years. Starting her career in 1984 as a Clerk Typist in the UFCW Benefits Office, Werner quickly moved up from this position to Bookkeeper, Account Coordinator, Assistant Manager, Manager and then Director of the office within her first 10 years of employment. Werner stayed in the Director position for over 20 years, working with the trustees to manage the various pension, 401(k) and health plans sponsored by the International Union with one goal, to continue to provide a comprehensive, well-funded, benefit package to UFCW International and Local Union employees and retirees while controlling overall cost to the organization.

In 2015, Werner was promoted to the Assistant to the President and took on the Director role over Union Administration while continuing her oversight of the Benefits Office. In 2016 she became Executive Assistant to the President and was elected in September of 2017 as an International Vice President on the International Executive Board.

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