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Local Locator

Have questions about your contract? Want to find out when membership meetings are? Your local union office is the best place to check for information specific to your work site and your area. Use our Local Locator to look up the contact information for your local union. If you aren’t sure what local you belong to, you can enter your employer and the zip code where you work and that should help get you to the correct office. If that doesn’t work, just drop us a line and the International staff will be happy to help get you in contact with the right person in your area to talk to.

Make an Impact

Find out what UFCW members are doing to make real change in their communities, in their workplaces, and even around the globe. Discover the power of workers when they stick together to improve their jobs and the lives of workers everywhere.

Get Political

Want to learn how you can support pro-worker politicians and policies, and fight back against corporate greed and big business in our political system? Want to help level the playing field for working families? Click here to join the movement to rebuild our middle class and restore the American Dream.

Find More Opportunities

The best thing about being a UFCW member is the power to stick together with your co-workers and make your voices heard. But there are all kinds of other opportunities available to you as a union member, too, that can help you advance your career, get better training, or save a little money.

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  • Want to learn more about what a union is and why strength in numbers is always on plus on the job? Want to find out how you and your co-workers can become part of a movement to improve jobs for workers across the country? Then click here and get started today!