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Workers Win Impending Settlement Against Gourmet Boutique West with Support of United Food and Commercial Workers Local 99

10346101_787562584652581_2968960592761418361_n(PHOENIX, Arizona) – Workers at the Gourmet Boutique West food processing plant are celebrating a tentative settlement agreement with the company. Along with the workers securing their right to freely pursue joining a union without the fear of retaliation, the tentative settlement also includes the reinstatement of two unjustly-terminated workers along with back pay. The pending settlement has been signed off by the company’s attorney and is awaiting approval by National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

“It has been rough for us here at the plant. We stuck together though and with the help of the great people at UFCW Local 99, not only do I have my job back, but my coworkers and I can now work toward being part of a union and making all of our jobs better,” said Yolanda Luna, one of the reinstated workers at the plant.

Workers contacted UFCW Local 99 about joining the union to help them improve working conditions, address safety concerns, and also calling to be treated with respect and dignity on the job. When workers and the UFCW began to work together to help workers join the union, the company responded by, according to NLRB General Counsel’s complaint, retaliating against pro-union workers and terminating two of them for union activity.

UFCW Local 99 then filed a series of unfair labor practice charges against Gourmet Boutique West with the NLRB. Complaints issued by the NLRB General Counsel alleged more than 70 unfair labor practice violations. Some of these were very serious including:

  • Threatening employees with discharge and various punishments for engaging in union activities,
  • Promising employees special benefits if they told the company about the union activity of other workers,
  • Calling the police to remove union representatives and employees from public property near the worksite while they were engaged in lawful handbilling,
  • Interfering with the formation and administration of a company union in an effort to keep UFCW Local 99 out of the plant.

After the charges were filed, Gourmet Boutique West then agreed to enter into the tentative settlement agreement that is waiting for approval by the NLRB. Workers at the plant and UFCW Local 99 will continue to work toward securing a union voice on the job, and a union contract that secures wages, benefits and respect and dignity on the job.

There are 50 workers at the Gourmet Boutique West food processing plant where workers prepare ready-made meals to be shipped to grocery stores. More than 18,000 workers who work in the grocery and several other industries are members of UFCW Local 99.


After Serving Our Country in the Marines, Local 227 Member Continues to Serve in His Union

Jeff, center, pictured with fellow Local 227 members and UFCW 227's 2015 endorsed candidate for Governor Jack Conway

Jeff, center, pictured with fellow Local 227 members and UFCW 227’s 2015 endorsed candidate for Governor Jack Conway

This week, as Memorial Day approaches, we are honoring the memory of those who have fallen defending our country and its freedom. By spotlighting UFCW members who have served in our country’s military or who give their time to help those who have, we hope to continue the legacy of the heroes who have passed on.

Below is the story of Local 227 member Jeff Pleasant:

Jeff Pleasant always looked up to his uncle who was a marine. So, when he turned 16 he signed the papers to join and went to boot camp at 17 years old. Looking back on his 12 years of service to our country, Jeff explains, “The marines taught me to look after one another. Even though we always strived for success, it was important to reach back and pull someone else along too.”

After the marines Jeff had various law enforcement jobs where he had a union, but he never really got involved. Jeff became a member of UFCW 227 in 2006 when he went to work for JBS in Louisville, KY.

One day, frustrated with a co-worker, Jeff brought his complaint to the Chief Union Steward Kevin Diale. Jeff remembers Kevin explaining to him that as union members we look out for each other and if we have a problem we resolve it together. Jeff remembers, “That was the day I made the connection. The values that I learned in the marines were the same values of the labor movement. We’re always looking out for each other.”

After being a member for 4 years, Jeff decided he wanted to become a Steward because of his shared values with our union. He served as a Steward for 3 years before being elected by his fellow union member to become Assistant Chief Steward. A year later he was elected Chief Steward.

During his time as a Steward, Jeff got involved in his local union’s political program and signed hundreds of members up for the Active Ballot Club. He also traveled across the state of Kentucky supporting Wal-mart workers in their courageous fight to stand up for their rights. No matter what Jeff was doing he was always looking out for not just union members, but everyone around him in general.

Around 18 months ago, Jeff became a Union Representative for UFCW 227. Now, he uses the values the marines taught him to make our union strong, “For our union to be stronger we have to band together.”