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Poultry Workers in California Join Local 8GS

August 23, 2023 Updated: August 29, 2023

Poultry workers at Foster Farms in Fresno, Calif., recently voted to join UFCW Local 8GS for a better life.

The vote signifies a major step towards improving working conditions, wages and benefits for these hard-working men and women. The group’s decision to unionize comes as concerns over labor practices and worker welfare remain at the forefront of the meat and poultry industry. By joining our union family, these workers now have the opportunity to address issues such as fair compensation, workers’ rights and workplace safety. UFCW Local 8GS represents thousands of workers at Foster Farms in the central valley who have a union contract protecting their wages, benefits and working conditions.

“This is a significant victory for workers in the central valley poultry industry,” said UFCW Local 8GS President Jacques Loveall. “These workers now have a collective voice to negotiate for fair treatment and better pay.”

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