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Women’s History Month Spotlight: Local 1776KS Member Carla Dorsey

March 25, 2019 Updated: September 8, 2020

For UFCW Local 1776KS member Carla Dorsey, Women’s History Month is a time to help her union sisters and all workers build a better life.

Dorsey, who is a pharmacy tech at Rite Aid in Philadelphia, has been a member of UFCW Local 1776KS for almost 27 years and has served as a steward for 20 years. She was mentored by her own shop steward years ago, who took the time to show Dorsey the important role stewards play in our union. When her steward eventually left, Dorsey felt it was a role she could fill.

As a steward, Dorsey has played an important role in helping colleagues in need. In one instance, she made sure that one of her union sisters could take time off from work so that she could recover from an assault. She also made sure that her colleague had access to the employee assistance program and helped to raise funds while her colleague was out of work. In another instance, she helped another colleague arrange for counseling for depression.

Dorsey also enjoys helping people outside of work. Before the holidays, she and fellow UFCW Local 1776KS member and steward Sylvia Hovington donated 40 bags of toiletries, socks and other items to a homeless shelter for LGBTQ teens. They also hosted a similar back to school night drive for children who participate in a skating program Dorsey runs, and gave out 150 bags with school supplies with the help of a donation from UFCW Local 1776KS.

“I love being part of a union,” Dorsey said. “I come from a union family, and my father was a steward, as well. I made him proud by getting more involved in my own local. It’s really just a big sisterhood and brotherhood in which we all help each other – it’s all about helping and giving back.”

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