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Union members get 20% at UFCW-represented “Union Vitamins”

January 24, 2020 Updated: September 8, 2020

High angle view of turmeric root, powder and pills on plate

In 2016, the men and women of Union Vitamins in Clearwater, Fla., made history when they started a union at their work through UFCW Local 1625 and became the first union-made vitamin manufacturer in the country. Union Vitamins workers produce vitamins and health supplements, including: vitamin C, vitamin E, calcium, omega 3 pure fish oil, multi-vitamins and other products.

Bottle of "Limber Up" supplements

Trying to stick to that New Years resolution to work out but finding with the winter weather that you’re a little stiff? The “Limber Up” or “Cherry C80” supplements might be perfect for you. Or perhaps you are looking for something to help with that new diet, in which case you might want something like their Garcinia Cambogia supplement, which some studies have suggested might help with fat loss and boosting serotonin levels. Whatever your health goals, you can rest easy knowing that what you are putting into your body was created by union workers with quality in mind.

“We created Union Vitamins to ensure our family atmosphere will remain in place here, and to ensure that all employees are always treated with fairness,”said Jim Harper, president of Union Vitamins. “Union Vitamins will demonstrate to other corporations how they can become union, make quality products, beat foreign competition, and maintain healthy profitability. Union Vitamins is an industry role model for value, efficiency and good health, all under the banner of union workers.”

“Why buy nonunion-made products when one can buy 100 percent pure union-made vitamins and supplements that save you time and money?”  added Harper.

Customers have also recognized the high quality of the products. In a Yelp review, one customer noted:

Goats Milk and Turmeric Beauty Bar
In addition to dietary supplements, Union Vitamins also makes several high quality, all natural beauty products, such as their Goats Milk and Turmeric Beauty Bar

“I had the pleasure of touring the facility and meeting most of the team I am very impressed and I am so excited to learn more about the various products offered. I love that this is a local business, that operates with very high standards and offers great quality products.

I am a bug magnet!!! Ask any of my friends. I have now tried the Cinnaturals B-Off bug repellent and have found it to actually keep most of the bugs away from me. (I say most because I am one of those individuals who will get bit in the areas I missed with bug sprays and through my clothing. I went into the rainforest with this and it helped with the mosquitos.” 

“We are excited and pleased that UFCW Local 1625 has partnered with Union Vitamins, a company that produces the finest vitamins in the world,” said UFCW Local 1625 President Ed Chambers. “We are proud to report that these vitamins are 100 percent union-made. We look forward to growing together and helping our members prosper in this new venture.”

Union members can receive 20% off their order when they use the code “UFCW20A”

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