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UFCW & Safeway agree on increases, sick leave for employees during coronavirus crisis

March 21, 2020 Updated: September 8, 2020

Safeway cashier
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After close talks this week between Safeway and the UFCW, we are proud to support the significant wage increase the company has adopted in response to the coronavirus pandemic.

“What Safeway did today shows real leadership,” said UFCW Marc Perrone a statement in response to the news. “Safeway and the UFCW both recognize that grocery store workers are on the frontlines of this crisis. They are vital to our food supply, and serving the needs of millions of American families.”

The UFCW has been in talks with many of the top employers in the grocery industry on what employees concerns are and how to best address them and protect the health of those who are working during the COVID-19 outbreak so that the rest of us can still buy food.

“At a time of such national crisis, where food is so vital, it is critical that every employer do more to protect our food supply and grocery stores by protecting the hardworking men and women who work there and keep them open.”

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