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UFCW Members Show their True Colors with Generous Donations to Haiti

August 10, 2012 Updated: September 9, 2020

In 2010, UFCW local unions from around the country pledged generous funds for Haiti to aid in the healing of the destruction and suffering that tool place and still continues today due to the devastating earthquake. 
The UFCW Charity Foundation will distribute more than $450,000 to help bring food, water, and technology to the local children and families in Haiti.
Reviving Haitiis a partner in supporting a water project for the town of Chardonette, Haiti. The town is home to 8,000 people who currently use an unfiltered spring as their water source. The project will create a new water system that will pump and filter water to a series of reservoirs so the local families can have access to clean water.  Eventually the water system will be extended and used to send clean water to other neighboring towns as well. 
Other projects that funds are supporting include: 
·        Hope for Haiti – UFCW Local 888 is overseeing the project that will build computer labs and a library at the St. Francois de Sales Primary and Secondary School in Riviere Froide, Carrefour. 
·        High Hopes for Haiti – The Mortel Family Foundation is supporting a project to build computer labs and a libraryat the John Stine College in St. Marc, Haiti.
·         God to Haiti – UFCW Local 1625 member Jean Myril is leading a project to provide hot meals for the children and families in Bitho, Leogane.

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