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UFCW members save 15% with AT&T

February 28, 2019 Updated: September 8, 2020

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AT&T is the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier. When you choose AT&T, you support the nearly 150,000 union members employed there.

Why Should UFCW Members Choose AT&T?

  • Exclusive Wireless Discounts
    Save 15% on the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans 1, 20% on select accessories 2, and get waived activation fees3 on select devices for new lines of service from AT&T.
  • Endorsed by Union Members 
    Over 97% of union members surveyed say that they would recommend the AT&T Signature Program Discounts through Union Plus.4
  • Union Strength, Union Solidarity 
    AT&T employs more than 150,000 members of the Communication Workers of America.

How to Start Saving

Whether you’re already an AT&T customer or are switching from another provider, taking advantage of the AT&T wireless discounts for union members is as easy:

1. Find a Store.

Find your local AT&T store.

2. Download the Coupon.

Download the Union Plus AT&T Coupon.

3. Head to your Local AT&T Store

Take your coupon to an AT&T store, along with your union ID§ and Discount Code 3508840 to start saving!

§ Must provide acceptable proof of union membership such as a membership card from your local union, a pay stub showing dues deduction or the Union Plus Member Discount Card.

15% Service discount not available on AT&T Unlimited Plans.

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