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UFCW Members Make Weddings Happen

May 31, 2018 Updated: September 8, 2020

How to Plan a Wedding on a Budget

Fall weddings may be gaining in popularity, but June is still the third most popular month for getting hitched.

In fact, 14% of all weddings taking place in 2018 will happen in June. With so many folks tying the knot this month, we thought we’d share all the ways that hardworking UFCW members make weddings happen.

Couples underestimate what they’ll spend on their weddings by roughly 40%. If you’re planning a wedding, be sure to check out some of our UFCW How To videos to help you prepare on a budget!

UFCW members can help you:

Look Your Best

Our union family is home to a number of makeup artists—which sometimes comes as a surprise to those who think of us as the food union! But we do in fact represent members working at makeup counters, like Jasmin Amely, a RWDSU/UFCW Local 1-S member at a Macy’s Sephora.

If you’re someone who’s looking for a little help with your makeup on your big day, heading to a UFCW makeup counter for help from a skilled professional can be a quick, affordable option. Or, you can use Jasmin’s tutorials, like this “How To” for concealing and evening out skin tone, to create your own look!

Get more tips for your wedding makeup below:

Make Your Own Accessories and Decorations

The average cost of wedding flowers is $1,700, but UFCW members can help you save.

Just about any UFCW grocery store, you’ll find a floral department staffed by UFCW florists who create gorgeous arrangements for any occasion.

Michelle Garrett is a UFCW Local 1000 Kroger florist. She shows us here (link) how to create a beautiful flower crown – perfect for a bohemian style wedding, or even a picturesque bridal shower – your guests can get in on making one as a take-home favor!

If flower crowns aren’t your thing, Michelle also demonstrates how to arrange your own bridal bouquet here. Even easier still, ask your UFCW florist to make your bouquet! 50% of brides do a bouquet toss at their wedding, but yours will be so pretty you won’t want to give it up.

She’s got your wedding table centerpieces covered too—here’s how to arrange bouquets in a vase:

Decorate Your DIY Cake or Cupcakes

82% of couples have a cake-cutting ceremony at their reception.

Similar to floral departments, bakeries at your local UFCW grocery store are run by skilled union men and women, who can help make the special moments in your life—like your wedding–even sweeter.

Cake decorators like Carolyn below make edible goods that are both tasty and pretty. Rather than spend a fortune on a wedding cake from a pricy cake boutique, you can order one from a UFCW bakery, or watch Carolyn show you how to make icing roses, so that you can decorate your own. With the average cost of a wedding cake being $550, you might really benefit from this route!

If you thought think these How To videos are useful, you’re not alone. 42% of people use YouTube videos to help them plan for their big day. Subscribe to our channel for more How To tutorials at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLujTLCBfbkT-DHXvuxJnpIQV_oV-y2CDG.

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