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UFCW Discount College Program

Whether you’re looking for affordable degree options for your family members or want to continue your own education, the UFCW Discount College Program gives you an affordable and flexible path to earning your degree. All classes are online and you can attend part-time or full-time based on your availability. 

The new program replaces the previously existing “Free College Benefit,” and expands UFCW members’ access to a broader selection of participating colleges as well as degree programs spanning from certificates and associate to bachelor’s degrees. We will also be introducing master’s degrees as a new addition to the program, providing even more opportunities for our participants. 

The UFCW has partnered with EBS Union College Benefit and EDVANCE to facilitate your selection and admissions process. Each partner offers UFCW members and their families exclusive discounted tuition rates ranging from 30% to 50% at participating colleges and prospective students can work directly with school administrators to apply for additional federal financial assistance, which could cover their remaining tuition costs.

Our partners will also help you narrow down what school is the best fit for you, evaluate any existing transcripts to determine if earned credits can be applied to your new degree, and offer other support services as you move forward with your education. 

Review the selection of schools each partner offers below and then select your preferred partner. Note: You can register with both to see the full selection of schools and programs that are available. 

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Who is eligible for the Program?

UFCW members, retired members and their family members can use the Program. Eligible family members include members’ spouses, children, dependents, siblings, parents/in-laws, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, and nephews.

I’m no longer a UFCW member, can I still use the Program?

Unfortunately, the discounted tuition rates are exclusively for UFCW members, retired members, and their families. 

What can I do with my existing credits from Eastern Gateway Community College (EGCC)?

The credits you earned at EGCC can potentially count towards your degree at another school. As each school has their own credit transfer criteria, your admissions counselors can help you determine if these credits can be counted at your new school.

Can I finish my degree at EGCC?

EGCC has paused registration and enrollment for terms beyond the Spring 2024 semester.

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