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Show Your Love with Affordable Pet Insurance Options!

September 18, 2018 Updated: September 8, 2020

Kitten sleeping

If you are a UFCW member, you can protect your pets from expected and unexpected veterinary expenses with Accident and Routine Care bundles from Pets Best.  Or choose one of the Best Benefit Accident and Illness plans and save 10%.

Plans start at just $6/month for cats and $9/month for dogs.

Get flexible accident, illness, and routine care coverage customized to your pet and your budget. Protect every member of your family with pet insurance from Pets Best.

  • 10% Member Discount on BestBenefit Plans*
  • Use any vet in the US – no restrictions
  • Claim reimbursement in 5 days or less
  • 24/7 Pet Helpline Service
  • Mobile app
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