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There’s still time to apply for the 2017 UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship

April 20, 2017 Updated: September 8, 2020

“The collective voice and legal support provided by unions create better incomes, better benefit plans, more experienced employees and safer workplaces than non-unionized workforces.  The improved work situations of union employees create job opportunities for American people and an improved business climate for the United States.”

-Veronica Brandt, past UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship winner

The 2017 online application process closes on May 8.

The UFCW is about workers coming together to build better lives for themselves. It is about creating opportunity. That is why each year the UFCW Charity Foundation awards several scholarships of up to $8 ,000 each to UFCW members or their unmarried dependents under the age of 20. UFCW employed officers, staff and their immediate families are not eligible.

  1. The scholarships are limited to any UFCW member who has been active since January 1, 2016.
    • The children and/or dependents of active members are also eligible to apply if they are unmarried and under the age of 20 on May 31, 2017.
    • The scholarship application and essay must be completed by the eligible student to receive the scholarship.
  2. The scholarship recipients will be selected and awards made on the basis of several factors including scholastic achievements, community involvement and an essay which shows an understanding of the principles of the labor movement.
  3. The UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Application Form is completed when the scholarship committee receives your Official Grades Transcript and Part B Form (which is provided after you complete the application online). Both must be mailed with a postmark date no later than May 22, 2017. Keep in mind the time frame needed to receive the information from your school.
  4. Scholarship recipients will receive annual payments of $2,000 for each year they are enrolled in an accredited college or university as a non-probationary student for up to four years.
    • Payment is dependent on written evidence of graduation from high school or equivalent and enrollment in an accredited college or university, or institute of higher learning.
    • Payment of subsequent stipends is dependent on the recipient’s continued eligibility as outlined in the Scholarship Acceptance Agreement.

Process for Applying

1. Read the Procedures thoroughly.

2. Complete the UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Application online. The application requires you to fill out a family profile, list school activities, awards, and your work experience, and
completion of an essay. If you are unable to apply online, you may request an application by writing to:

UFCW Charity Foundation, Attn: Scholarship Program
1775 K Street, N.W.,
Washington, DC 20006.

3. You and a parent (for students under the age of 18) must sign and date the application before submitting it to you your high school officials. Your signatures will authorize your school to release
information about you as well as verify that the information you provided is true. It will also allow your local union to release your membership information to the UFCW Charity Foundation for the purposes of verifying your eligibility.

4. Give the application to your academic counselor who will complete it and mail it along with your grade transcript as well as proof of graduation, intent to graduate or receive your GED.

5. Please do not submit any material other than requested.

Receiving the Scholarship

Payment of the Scholarship is dependent on written evidence of enrollment in an accredited college or university and maintaining continued eligibility.

This award has a maximum renewal of four ( 4} years of disbursements, is contingent on the recipient submitting to the UFCW Charity Foundation written evidence of Registration from the
college or university that the student is or will be attending, and the recipient must be registered in such school as a non-probationary student.

The recipient must agree to maintain a satisfactory grade level and will forward to the UFCW Charity Foundation either a copy of his or her grades each quarter or semester, whichever is applicable, or a transcript of grades for the year at the end of each school year.

Payment of the benefits to scholarship recipients may be temporarily suspended upon written request of the winner under certain circumstances.

In the event that the recipient’s education should be interrupted for some reason, he or she must notify the UFCW Charity Foundation in writing of such expected interruption and advise the UFCW Charity Foundation as to the cause for the interruption and the estimated date upon which the recipient expects to resume their studies.

Other Information


The UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Program is maintained and administered by the UFCW Charity Foundation, which has full discretion to make all final decisions concerning the number of scholarships awarded each year, the amounts awarded and the recipients of each of the scholarships. The UFCW Charity Foundation shall also have full discretion in deciding whether a scholarship is to be continued or deferred for any period of time.

The procedures for the UFCW Charity Foundation Scholarship Program are printed in both French and Spanish on this website. If you need help with understanding the scholarship rules and application in another language, please call 800-551-4010 and we will obtain assistance for you.

Only Scholarship recipients will be notified via mail.

Recipients’ names will be posted on the UFCW Charity Foundation Website.

Email cfscholarship@www.ufcw.org with questions.

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