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Protecting the rights of all workers

January 11, 2017 Updated: September 8, 2020

As a hard-working union family, it’s important now more than ever that all members are treated equally and justly, both on the job and in their communities. Formed three year ago, UFCW OUTreach, working with locals like 655, is taking measures to ensure just that, as they have been on the cutting edge safeguarding LGBTQ rights and fighting for workplace protections for transgender members.

Laura Kelley, co-chair of OUTreach and head of the education committee, said that it was thanks to the support of her UFCW Local 655 that they were able to create an important educational program that is now being offered to UFCW locals across the country, to talk about transgender rights and equality. The training has already been immensely helpful to people within our union family who feel they now have the right tools to respectfully talk to and understand workers who identify as transgender, and has given a voice to workers who say they otherwise may not have come out at work.

The training was first put on at The Transgender Spectrum Conference in St. Louis back in November.

“A lack of education isn’t an excuse for intolerance or bigotry,” said Kelley, underlining the need to create an inclusive atmosphere for all workers. “This training is to help us get educated.”

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