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Statement of UFCW on President Obama

September 10, 2009 Updated: August 24, 2020

For Immediate Release

(WASHINGTON, DC) – “Last night, President Obama called our national attention to a very simple reality: far too many working Americans don’t have access to quality health care, and many of those who do can’t afford it.

“President Obama and the working families of the United Food and Commercial Workers Union know that we cannot wait any longer. Political intrigue and partisan bickering can no longer excuse inaction in the face of a nation crying out for reform. The urgent challenge of rebuilding America’s middle class is daunting under any circumstances and insurmountable without restoring choice and shared responsibility to our health care system.

“The need for decisive action has never been more urgent. President Obama’s commitment to a public option will ensure that all Americans have the basic coverage they need to care for their families. Affecting real change is never easy, but the stakes are too high for us to settle for anything less.”


UFCW News Service

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