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Statement of the UFCW on White House Jobs Summit

December 4, 2009 Updated: August 24, 2020

Washington, DC – The United Food and Commercial Workers International Union issued the following statement regarding the White House jobs summit:

“”Eight years of neglect by the Bush administration and abuse at the hands of Wall Street have left more than ten percent of America’s workforce unemployed. In convening more than 100 industry, labor, and economic leaders at today’s White House jobs summit, President Obama demonstrated his commitment to reversing this trend with firm action on behalf of working families.

“”The engine of the American economy has been and continues to be the American worker. President Obama has always understood that the ability to provide for your family is at the center of our national debates about health care, the economy, education, and infrastructure. Immediate investment in the creation of new jobs and preservation of existing ones is essential to America’s long-term economic security and role as a leader on the world stage.”

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