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NEW REPORT: Amazon’s 19,000 COVID-19 Infections Exposes Company’s Failure to Keep Workers Safe on Frontlines as Pandemic Continues

October 1, 2020

Amazon Regional HQ Sunnyvale, CA

America’s Largest Food & Retail Union Condemns Jeff Bezos for Ruthlessly Putting Profits Ahead of Protecting Workers, Calls for Immediate Congressional Investigation 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the United Food and Commercial Workers International union (UFCW), condemned Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos after the company revealed that there have been at least 19,816 COVID-19 infections among Amazon workers this year. Today’s report confirms that these infections include both Amazon warehouse workers and the company’s Whole Foods grocery workers and comes in the wake of a new report that the company is using internal surveillance to monitor any efforts by employees to unionize or speak out against safety failures.

UFCW International President Marc Perrone released the following statement:

“Amazon’s confession that nearly 20,000 of its workers have been infected by COVID-19 is the most damning evidence we have seen that corporate America has completely failed to protect our country’s frontline workers in this pandemic. 

“Jeff Bezos has repeatedly demonstrated that profits will always come before the safety of the company’s employees in Amazon warehouses and Whole Foods grocery stores. For years, Amazon has waged a ruthless campaign to silence any workers who speak out about safety failures or try to exercise their democratic right to unionize and stand up for the fair treatment they deserve.

“As the largest union for America’s retail and food workers, UFCW is calling for immediate action by federal regulators and a full Congressional investigation. This titanic safety failure demands the highest level of scrutiny. The lives of America’s essential workers are on the line and we will not rest until Amazon and Jeff Bezos are held accountable.” 


UFCW International, the largest private sector union in the United States. UFCW International represents 1.3 million professionals and their families in healthcare, grocery stores, meatpacking, food processing, retail shops and other industries. Our members serve our communities in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the UFCW at ufcw.org.  

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