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April 23, 2008 Updated: August 24, 2020

Milton, PA—United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local #38 announces the successful ratification of a new three-year contract with Impress USA, Inc. at their plant located in Bloomsburg, PA. Approximately 145 workers at this location make metal food cans for Del Monte, Simmons, and Suter food companies, among others. The new contract delivers wage increases and vacation improvements, maintains affordable health care, and makes significant improvements in overtime pay. A majority voted to ratify the contract on Sunday, April 20.

Highlights of the new agreement:

–Wages for current employees will increase by 3 ½ % per year over the term of the agreement.

–Employees will now be able to use up to 2 weeks of vacation in single day increments. Employees can earn two days of vacation for perfect attendance. Workers will be allowed to carry up to three days over to the following year, or have the days paid out.

–Employees keep affordable health care coverage with only modest increases in their premiums and no plan changes.

–The contract provides the following overtime improvements and protections:

— Workers will be paid double time on the 6th and 7th day for any work over 60 hours.

— Workers will be paid double time on the 7th day for work over 48 hours.

— When workers volunteer to work or are forced to work overtime three times in one pay period, the company cannot force them to work any more overtime in that pay period.

— When workers volunteer to work six consecutive days of overtime, then the company cannot force them to work more overtime for six days.

UFCW Local 38 represents over 1500 workers in the Milton and Bloomsburg areas. Local President Russ Baker credits the strong work ethic of the membership at the Bloomsburg Plant as the main reason the contract passed. “”Both sides recognized that it takes a cooperative effort in today’s business climate to achieve fair and balanced labor agreements,”” Baker said. I know that both the UFCW and Impress USA, Inc. hope for continued success in Bloomsburg for many years to come.””

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