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Amazon Changing Whole Foods for the Worse

June 15, 2018 Updated: August 24, 2020

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Marc Perrone, president of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union (UFCW), made the following statement regarding changes at Whole Foods in the year since they were acquired by Amazon.

“Slowly but surely, Amazon is making Whole Foods a much worse place to work and shop. 

“This is unsurprising. Amazon’s retail vision replaces good jobs and talented employees with automation. 

“Political leaders must realize now, before it’s too late, that the massive job loss this business model leads to could cripple our entire economy. 

“The dedicated men and women who work at Whole Foods have earned and deserve better than the treatment they are receiving from Amazon.” 

Amazon and Whole Foods, one year later:

A brutal new work environment has been tough for Whole Foods workers – rampant punishment and employees crying at work is common.

Amazon has quietly dumped requirements for Whole Foods suppliers to disclose GMO ingredients.

Amazon’s overhaul of Whole Foods logistics process resulted in pervasive out-of-stock problems and fewer local products.

Whole Foods was dethroned as the best store for vegetarians by California chain Vons and fell all the way to fifth place.

Amazon subsidizes their profits with your tax dollars, and is now the number one recipient of state tax breaks, while many employees are on food stamps. In the meantime, states are offering Amazon billions for a possible headquarters expansion. 


The UFCW is the largest private sector union in the United States, representing 1.3 million professionals and their families in grocery stores, meatpacking, food processing, retail shops and other industries.

Our members help put food on our nation’s tables and serve customers in all 50 states, Canada and Puerto Rico. Learn more about the UFCW at www.ufcw.org.


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