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On your feet all day? Try these exercises.

January 20, 2017 Updated: September 8, 2020

Sterile Zone

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]On your feet all day? Then you know how hard it can be on your body. Though some studies have shown working on your feet might ultimately be better for longevity than working at a desk, that’s small comfort to those dealing with the everyday aches and pains that can be associated with spending hours on your feet.

Getting Started

If you’ve got 15 minutes before you start your work day, why not try this short routine to help your body gear up for the stress and strain of standing for hours on end.


On the Job

Don’t forget to stretch and move throughout your day, too. Even if you don’t have much space, you can do a few simple exercises to help break up the monotony and increase blood flow.

1.) Alternating knee flexion

2.) Figure-8 hip rotations

3.) Hacky-sack kicks

4.) Hamstring stretch

5.) Calf stretch

After Work

Yoga is also a great way to wind down from the stresses of the day, but there are so many instructional videos online it can be overwhelming. Why not start out with a few of these poses targeted specifically for people on their feet all day. Let us know how they work for you!

Start from the Ground Up

Of course you also want to make sure you’re wearing comfortable, supportive shoes and that you have a good floor mat to stand on. Most commercial buildings have concrete floors, even if it’s covered up by carpet, and standing on such a hard surface for hours at a time can be damaging to your body.

If you don’t have an anti-fatigue mat at work, reach out to your UFCW representative and let them know. Not sure who your UFCW representative is? Call your local union office. Let them know where you work and that you’re trying to find out who your representative is. Your representative can help advocate on your behalf to management or let you know about workplace protections you may have in your contract.

We know you are busy balancing all the different demands of work and home, but taking a few minutes out of your day to reduce or prevent pain and stiffness can help the rest of your day go a little more smoothly.


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