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National Hot Dog Day

July 23, 2014 Updated: September 9, 2020


You might not know about it, but you definitely will love it – today’s National Hot Dog Day! Today people all over the nation are grilling up and chowing down on the all-American staple of summer.

Whether you’re celebrating Hot Dog Day today or sticking to your veggies, you’ll probably indulge in the franks quite often, be it at a baseball game or home with your family. At the UFCW, we think you should couple this American tradition with another one:  supporting American companies who treat their union workers right.

Next time you get a craving for hot dogs, buy American-made and buy union-made: Oscar Meyer, Hormel, Foster Farms, Nathan’s, for a start. Your hot dogs will taste ten times better served up with a side of justice for working people.

If you want to learn more about our members who make the hot dogs you love, go to our UFCW Fairness for Food Workers page.

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