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Local 400 Member Detective Tom Pyles of the Annapolis Police Department Is Making an Impact in More Ways Than One

March 19, 2015 Updated: September 8, 2020

This is a cross-post from Local 400

tom pyles

Detective Tom Pyles used to be a DJ at a local Annapolis, Maryland radio station, but left the broadcast industry for the badge at the age of 30 and hasn’t looked back. He’s always wanted to help people in his community, and boy, is he ever! In addition to his duties on the force, he’s collecting supplies to put in backpacks for foster children going into emergency care, something he’s called, “Backpacks for Love.”

“Unfortunately you see children who are abused and neglected–they need hope, they need dignity.” Pyles told ABC 2 in an interview. “So as they’re removed from a home, you try to give them that.”

Pyles explained that the reaction the children get when opening the backpacks is “ten times greater than opening a Christmas present—the way they react to them.”
Check out this great video profile of Local 400 member Detective Tom Pyles of the Annapolis Police Department. Our members do great things at work and in their communities.

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