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Free Foreign Language Program for UFCW Members

Have you ever wanted to learn a new language? For free?

Whether it’s for travel, for work, or just for fun, UFCW’s Free Foreign Language Program offers members the ability to learn over 70 languages for free online.  

These online classes build on four conversational skills necessary to fully learn a new language: vocabulary, pronunciation, grammar & culture.  

To ensure that all UFCW members have access to the free benefits that come with being a member of our UFCW family, we will be rotating seats for the UFCW Free Foreign Language Program every 3 months. 

UFCW Free Foreign Language Program Quarters:    

  • Winter quarter: January 1 – March 31
  • Spring quarter: April 1 – June 30    
  • Summer quarter: July 1 – September 30
  • Fall quarter: October 1 – December 31         

Seats will be available to UFCW members on a first come, first serve basis. Members can apply for as many quarters during the enrollment periods.

At this time, this benefit is only available to UFCW members.

Enrollment for the summer quarter has been filled. If you are accepted for the summer quarter, you will receive an email from Mango Languages with your log in information.

Access to the Program for Current Enrollees 

If you are currently enrolled, please visit: https://mangolanguages.com/ and enter your log in information to begin learning the language(s) of your choice.  

Once inside the program, be sure to create your own user account so that you can learn in stages and come back to whatever lesson you last completed. 

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