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Give your Trick-or-Treaters Union-Made Goodies This Year

October 22, 2012 Updated: September 9, 2020

This Halloween, make sure you are ready with a bowl full of union-made treats to give to the little goblins and ghosts who come to your door!  See the handy list of union-made candy and goodies below, provided by Union Plus.  These treats come from companies that have good jobs and that treat their employees well.  The products are made by UFCW members, members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM), and the United Farm Workers of America (UFW). All union made!

Hershey ProductsNecco (New England Confectionery Company)
Hershey Kisses*Sweethearts
Hershey SyrupsMary Jane Peanut Butter Chews
Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar*NECCO Wafers/Necco Wafer Smoothies
Hershey Milk with Almond BarsSky Bar
Hershey Special Dark BarsClark Bar
Hershey NuggetsCanada Mints
RoloCandy Cupboard
Hershey KissablesThin Mints
Kit Kat BarsNECCO Assorted Junior Wafers
Carmello BarClark Junior Laydown Bag
Cadbury Fruit & Nut BarMary Jane Laydown Bag
Cadbury Roast Almond BarHaviland
Cadbury Royal Dark BarMallow Cups
Cadbury Dairy Milk BarNecco Peanut Butter Kisses
Jolly Ranchers
Hershey Symphony Bar with ToffeeGhiradelli Chocolates
All filled & non filled squares
Just Born non pariels
PeepsChocolate chips
Mike & Ike
Hot TamalesGimbals Fine Candies
Peanut ChewsJellyBeans
Jelly BeansCherry Hearts
Scotty Dogs
Jelly Belly’s Candy Company
Jelly Bellies – also made in a non-union plants in Chicago/TaiwanNestle
Chocolate Dutch MintsNestle Treasures
Chocolate TemptationsLaffy Taffy
dimplesKathryn Beich specialty candy
Goelitz ConfectionsBaby Ruth*
Goelitz GummiButterfinger*
Pet RatPearson’s Nips
Pet TarantulaFamous Old Time Candies (gourmet chocolates)
Sweet TemptationsNestle Crunch  Butterfinger Crisp
Candy Corn
LicoricePearson’s Candy Co.
Malted Milk BallsSalted Nut Roll
Chocolate Coated Nuts, and SoursNut Goodie
Sunkist Fruit Gel SlicesMint Patties
Bun Bars
American Licorice
Black & Red VinesAnabelles Candy Company
Strawberry RopesBoston Baked Beans
Jordon Almonds
Sconza Candies Rocky Road
Chocolate Covered CherriesLook
ChocolateBig Hunk
KraftYogurt Nuts & Fruit
snack products
Frito-LayChips Deluxe
DoritosPecan Sandies
Rold GoldCheez-it
Lays Potato ChipsVanilla Wafers
Corn NutsPretzels
Chips Ahoy!Jax Cheese Curls
OreosKeystone Snacks Party Mix
Nutter ButterCheese Curls
Vanilla WafersCorn Chips
Graham Crackers
Orville Redenbacher
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