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Better Wages and Full-Time Positions for Schnucks Workers in St. Louis

September 6, 2019 Updated: September 8, 2020

Saving Money

A new contract was approved for more than 5,500 members of UFCW Local 655 who work at more than 70 Schnucks stores in St. Louis. The contract was ratified on September 5 and will raise wages and improve benefits for our members at these stores.

The three-year agreement includes a cash bonus, plus three annual raises; a $0.40/hour automatic pay bump for any employee working part-time more than five years; and a fully-funded pension. The new contract also expands health care benefits with no increases, and adds full-time positions.

“Our partners, especially part-timers, are getting real wage increases. They are maintaining their health care benefits, which are critical to our members, and their pension is strong,” said UFCW Local 655 President Dave Cook. “This is the difference a good union makes. This contract is an example of why good union jobs are so important to local communities.”

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