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Zara Workers in Rhode Island Join Local 328

September 21, 2023

On August 24, about 40 retail workers at the Zara store in Providence, R.I., joined UFCW Local 328 for a better life.

“The reason I joined the union is so my voice can be heard,” said Anthony Rodriguez (above), who works at the Zara store in Providence.

These workers, who are employed as store clerks, cashiers, and stockers, joined UFCW Local 328 because they were concerned about wages and benefits, workplace safety and expensive parking.

UFCW Local 328 organized these workers as part of a national framework agreement between the UFCW and Zara. Zara management believes in maintaining a neutral stance worldwide when it comes to their employees’ desire to join a union and allows employees the free choice of whether to unionize.

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