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Wine Sales Representatives Join Local 2D

November 29, 2021

Wine dinner setting.

Sales Representatives from the Opici Wine Group in Glen Rock, N.J., recently joined UFCW Local 2D for a better life. The 46 workers, who work in the New York metro area, joined our union family because they were concerned about workplace treatment, which affected their ability to do their jobs well.

“We were straddled with make-work reporting and tracking software, and unrealistic and ever-changing quota requirements,” said one of the new members. “We were also dealing with a new corporate structure that offloaded unpaid, non-sales work on the salesforce and relied on threats of job loss and constant pressure to hit extreme goals during a pandemic. On top of this, we had our bonuses cut by 80 percent while management was highly bonused off our work, which incentivized them to hound us harder for their payouts.” 

“UFCW Local 2D is very pleased that workers in the New York metro area at Opici Wine Group chose to organize and join our union,” said UFCW Local 2D President Stephen Booras. “This will allow us more strength at the bargaining table because we now represent Opici Wine Group sales representatives in both New York and New Jersey, which means unity, strength, and job security for all.”

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