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Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets Workers in Kentucky Join Local 227

November 21, 2023

Workers at the Rainbow Blossom Natural Food Markets store in Louisville, Ky., recently joined UFCW Local 227 for a union voice in the workplace.

The 28 workers, who are employed as cashiers; customer service, produce, grocery, and grab and go clerks; blossom bar baristas; and produce, grocery, wellness, and grab and go department managers and assistant department managers, voted to join UFCW Local 227 because they wanted an equal voice with ownership, and were concerned about insufficient wages and the lack of a Human Resources Department. They also wanted more transparency within the workplace, and the ability to address various workplace safety concerns.

The campaign to organize these workers included Zoom and in-person meetings, as well as a discord channel for the committee and the entire store. The workers wore buttons throughout the campaign and blue on election day to show solidarity.

“We are so excited about our win and to have the UCFW represent Rainbow Blossom Gardiner Lane! We love Rainbow, our customers, and our products, and we want to be able to make livelihoods here,” said Eleri Steele, who is a wellness department manager. “Unfortunately, the current wages and management practices are unsustainable for us workers. We put so much love and energy into our positions and still don’t earn enough to put food on the table, let alone the expensive organic food we sell. We have tried for years to get management to hear us, but our concerns have been falling on deaf ears for too long. We’re so grateful to the UCFW for helping us get to this point and can’t wait to see our siblings at our other four locations win their own campaigns.” 

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