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Public School Workers in Massachusetts Join Local 1459

December 7, 2022

On Nov. 2, enrollment specialists and coordinators at Springfield Public Schools in Springfield, Mass., joined UFCW Local 1459 for a voice in the workplace.

The 12 enrollment specialists and coordinators, who work in the Student Assignment Services Department at Springfield Public Schools, are in charge of student placement. These workers joined our union family via a card check election, because they want dignity and respect in the workplace, higher wages, an end to at-will employment, and other workplace protections.

UFCW Local 1459 also represents security guards at Springfield Public Schools and the campaign to organize this new unit of workers, which is currently comprised entirely of women, included connections through existing members, support from the most senior employees in the Student Assignment Services Department, who helped convince their colleagues to unionize, and the local’s ability to get ahead of any union busting tactics from management.

These new members are well aware of the benefits of having a union voice in the workplace.

“I want all women to know that if they are not being valued or treated with dignity, that there is a place that will listen to them and advocate for them in their best interest—and that is through joining a union,” said Ivia Santiago, who is an enrollment coordinator at Springfield Public Schools.

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