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Ohio Cannabis Workers Join Local 1059

June 9, 2022

On May 3, workers at the Harvest of Athens cannabis dispensary in Athens, Ohio, joined UFCW Local 1059 for a better life.

The 10 Harvest of Athens workers are responsible for fulfilling medical marijuana recommendations for patients, keeping inventory, and engaging in customer service. They joined our union family because they wanted better benefits, fair scheduling, job security and a voice in the workplace.

“With the medical cannabis industry in Ohio poised to bring in almost $1.5 billion in revenue by 2025, it’s important that the workers in the industry who bring in those profits have a voice in how we are compensated and treated for our hard work and passion,” said Harvest of Athens worker Dylan Roman. “I’m very proud of our team for taking a stand for the future of the industry and I look forward to seeing how it grows.”

This is the second unit of cannabis workers to join UFCW Local 1059 this year. In February, cannabis workers at the Herbology dispensary in Newark, Ohio, made history by becoming the first cannabis dispensary in the state to unionize by joining UFCW Local 1059.

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