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Nothing Bundt Cakes Workers in Indiana Join Local 700

May 28, 2024

On April 5, workers at the Nothing Bundt Cakes pastry shop in Whitestown, Ind., joined UFCW Local 700 for a better life. This organizing win marks the first Nothing Bundt Cakes shop to join UFCW Local 700. Nothing Bundt Cakes is a national chain specializing in bundt cakes, with over 500 bakery locations in over 40 states and Canada.

The eight workers, who bake the pastries, voted unanimously to join our union family because they were concerned about insufficient wages, hours, and benefits, as well as a lack of respect from the owners and poor communication.

The campaign to organize these workers included one-on-one conversations using reflective engagement, as well as inoculation training and educating the workers in detail about the process of joining a union. The workers are happy to be a part of our union family and are looking forward to negotiating their first union contract.

“Forming a union with UFCW is a piece of (bundt) cake!” the workers said in a joint statement.

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