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New Jersey Workers at Goya Foods Stand Together for Better Pay and Benefits

August 6, 2021

About 50 members of UFCW Local 888 who work at two Goya Foods, Inc. plants in Secaucus and Jersey City, N.J., ratified a new contract on July 6 that raises wages and improves benefits. Goya Foods, Inc. is the largest Hispanic-owned food company in the United States, and these members are employed as packing room workers and operators to prepare, mix and pack the food, as well as drivers and other positions at the facilities.

The new contract includes wage increases during each year of the agreement, as well as an additional personal day for members with 10-plus years of service. The contract also includes three additional sick days for members with one year of service and two additional sick days for members with two years of service.

“Like many other UFCW food processing workers, the Goya Foods, Inc. members had to show up for work every day during the pandemic,” said UFCW Local 888 President Max Bruny. “They witnessed several of their coworkers get infected and one of them died of COVID-19. It was so inspirational to see them rally during these negotiations to demand that the company compensate them accordingly. Their unity resulted on a one-time $2.00 hazard pay increase.”

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