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New Jersey Fire Commission Workers Join Local 152

July 27, 2023

On July 7, clerical staff at Toms River Fire Commission District 1 in Toms River, N.J., joined UFCW Local 152 for the better wages and benefits that come with a union contract.

These workers reached out to UFCW Local 152 Director of Organizing Mike Thompson, expressing their desire to have union representation and someone on their side. They recognized the importance of having a strong voice in the workplace and took the first step towards becoming members of UFCW Local 152.

“We commend their courage, unity, and commitment to improving their working conditions,” said Thompson. “This is just the beginning of their journey with UFCW Local 152. By joining our union, they are not only gaining a collective voice, but also becoming part of a supportive community of workers dedicated to improving their lives and working conditions.”

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