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More Cannabis Workers Join Our Union Family

January 28, 2021

On Jan. 12, about 80 workers at Verano NJ, a medical cannabis company in Branchburg, N.J., joined UFCW Locals 152 and 360 for a better life. Workers made the decision to organize so that their rights are protected and acknowledged as their fast-growing industry continues to evolve. Union membership also ensures that Verano NJ employees retain an important voice in developing and maintaining high operating and management standards.

“Unionizing brings us a sense of safety that our worth will not be jeopardized under any circumstance,” said Verano NJ employee Isabelle Franciosi. “It makes us happy to feel secure in our job with our everyday life.”

“Everyone wins when a mutually respectful union-business relationship exists,” said UFCW Local 152 Representative Hugh Giordano. “This agreement extends our commitment to employees in this exciting young industry, and it will assist Verano NJ in accomplishing its goals in a way that benefits host communities.”

“Nationally, the UFCW represents the interests of thousands of cannabis industry workers,” added Local 360 Representative John Powers. “We’ve helped craft labor peace agreements and bargaining agreements that improve working conditions, enable the industry to gain support and legitimacy and set the high standards consumers demand. This choice by Verano NJ employees recognizes the positive impact unions have on employees, their families and the places where they work and live.”

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